• Customers
  •  SEIKEN CORPORATION CO.,LTD  is ranked as a trusted quality supplier of products and service in the field of HVAC in Vietnam.

    We are prodded to be the Authorized Distributor of  Frimec - Internal. We supply the Air Conditioning System of  Frimec for projects, including Hospital, Office Building, and Shopping Malls... and also, undertake to projects of industry sectors as well as Phamaceuticals, Plastic, Food processing Factories, etc.

    Since 1960, Frimec manufaturing of air conditioning under the name "Frimec" was introduced and this diversification achieved great success through out Europe well into the 1980s

    To date, with Head Quarter in Potogal ( EU), Plants & Operation in Malaysia, Spain and China, and over 40 sub-branch in ther World.

    On the basis of Know How acquired over many years in both technical and commercial fields we ensure flexible and product – specific response to customer requirements. This very selectively composed  Product Range allows us to fulfill our customers requirement in accordance with, Guaranteed Quality standards and at competitive prices.

    We make a constant daily effort to achieve and maintain our goal of maximum customers' satisfaction.

    In order to secure the continued strength of our company in the long term and improve our position on the market, the manager has determined the following basic principles as our quality policies.

    • Our most impotant objectives are both to register exactly our constomer’s needs and to meet them as cost efficiently as possible at the agreed deadlines.
    • It is our intentionto be come the market leader in defined market segments and areas. For this purpose, a co-operative relationship with our customers and suppliers is of utmost impotance. Thus, the continuous extension of this co-operation, our reliabilituy and our thinking in terms of quality are a continuous obligation for us.
    • Target –oriented training of our employee and the highest possible level of team spirit form the basis for an atmosphere of mutual confidence. This plays an essential tole in securing our future.

    Therefore, SEIKEN  is Trusted Brand